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Oh my GOD. It’s been too long. The site has a new look, I’m living on my own in South Korea and I’ve become an English Teacher! I never thought I would be saying this. Especially the last two points!

How have you been? Are you new here? Returning maybe? Whichever and wherever you’re coming from, welcome to Brianna Sharee! This website is more than just a blog now. I still don’t have products to sell yet but it’s now more of a platform for all of my followers to be updated to everything I do on social media. If you’re not too much of a Facebook user (I’m not either, don’t worry), I’ll be posting here. Follow me on Instagram but don’t have my post notifications on? That’s okay! I’m cross-posting here. Do you watch the videos I upload on Youtube? Or maybe from Tiktok? Those posts are here too.

I will be still writing blog posts here as well but most of my content will be cross-posting until I get a consistent following here on the website. 2020 has had so much in store that nobody prepared for and so far it has thrown everybody for a loop. Black Lives Matters has spiked again, rightfully so and we’re in the current time of a revolution, Corona Virus has taken too many people and stopped the world, and the USA presidential election is coming back up with Bernie Sanders back in the run for president (please don’t vote for Trump).

With all of that happening, I believe God has been telling me to share the story of my victories and my struggles to bring hope and faith to others who will be able to relate. If I’m going to be honest, I’m so scared to do that because I’ve been through a lot. But if this is what God wants, I must obey His will.Go after what you want this year, regardless of everything going on.

Last but not least, since this is 2020 and we have learned that we get nothing by staying quiet: I’m trying to reach 100 email subscribers for this website by the end of July. If you can sign up and share it and help me reach my goal, I would be truly appreciative.

Again, welcome to Brianna Sharee. I hope your time here viewing my journey will be worth it. Go after what you want this year, regardless of everything going on. After all of this is over, you need and deserve to be happy and in a better place spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically, and every other way.

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