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$60 Skincare Dear, Klairs Review

Dear Klairs Gentle Black Deep cleansing oil

Happy 2021! Last year was such a year for the world. COVID19 threw everybody off track.  Regardless of how you used 2020, I hope you feel satisfied with your choice! I am proud of you because you did the best you could. I remember coming into 2020 with depression, then upon hearing the news that I would move to South Korea, I became hopeful, then COVID hit and I was confused all over again. One thing I did learn from 2020 is how to take care of my skin. South Korea is probably the skincare capital so it wasn’t hard to find a system I really loved. 

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Dear, Klairs is a brand I tried and fell in love with back in America when I was blogging heavily. The first time I had with them was a fantastic experience with the Vitamin C Juice drop but this time I wanted a system so I went with the basic&best set along with the cleansing classic set. I chose sensitive because my skin is a combination of oily and dry and I broke out a few times last year because of the environmental change!

dear klairs basic and best set with cleansing classic skincare system for less than $60

The foaming cleanser went the quickest, though it took me 3 months to reach the end of the product! I’m pretty close to the end of the Gentle Black Sugar Facial Polish but everything else is still at least a half! This is now about 4 months of daily use with these products. On good days, morning and night use! I paid about 63,000KRW which is roughly $60 for all of these products. That’s actually a great price for skincare!

Instead of re-upping my foaming cleanser, I went with an oil-based cleanser for the drier weather in Naju. So I purchased the Gentle Black Deep Cleansing Oil. It just came in the mail on the 5th and the first use was really fun! I’ve already noticed that my skin isn’t dry whatsoever since its first use.

Now washing it off is a bit of work! It takes a few minutes to get the residue off and it honestly feels like it never washes off but it leaves your skin so soft and smooth.The Gentle Black Deep Cleansing Oil from Dear, Klairs leaves your skin so soft and smooth!

If that’s what you’re looking for, I do recommend it! Another reason I love Dear, Klairs brand for skincare is that every purchase I’ve made (3 orders so far) came with all of these samples per order!

The samples are completely free and actually have quite a bit of product in them. I took my first two packets of samples with me to Seoul for my birthday and only used 2 sample packs for 2 nights!

Dear Klairs Gentle Black Deep cleansing oil skincare for less than $20

I hope you enjoyed this small but to the point skincare review! Until next time!


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